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I'm looking for webcams that can work on the new Ubuntu 9.10 without requiring any driver installation.

Please remind that Ubuntu 9.10 dropped support for V4L1 and supports only V4L2. So if your webcam worked with previous Ubuntu versions it may not work anymore with the new one.

Please respond only with models that you know that are just working.

So far I only identified these models:

Don't bother adding build-in webcams here.

Note, I'm aware about the comprehensive list from but this list does not guarantee that these cams will just-work under Ubuntu.

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This is an old post, so I hope someone finds this useful:

I think you answered your own question. You can always buy one and take it back if it doesn't work...

Generally, webcams that work on Linux should work out of the box on Ubuntu because things like that are generally included in the kernel.

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