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In windows 7, you can have a "Document" as a menu on the "Start Menu".

However, it lead to sub-items "My Documents" and "Public Documents".

As well as only me is using my notebook, "Public Documents" is useless and waste me for a click to the "My Documents".

So, my question is -- how do I hack the registry(without hacking DLLs) to make the contents in "My Documents" as the first class citizen in the start menu?

PS. after read this, I've removed the "Public Documents" from the library. But still, it takes me one more click

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Since you are the only user of your laptop you can customize the start menu to display the Documents as a link, not as a menu. (Right click on task bar, select Properties, click the Start Menu tab -> Customize and scroll down to Documents and select the Display as link radio button).

This will take you directly to your documents

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One option: bring up the Start menu, and right click on the Documents item. Select Properties. Now you can add/delete whatever folders you want to appear here. I removed Public, and added some often used folders. E.g., I have a folder My Documents\Projects that I use a lot, so I added Projects to the list. You could add movies, photos, music folders here too.

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