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I got very accustomed to the way Firefox and Google Toolbar worked, and now I'd liked to do something similar with Chrome.

Every extension I add that I want to see the icon for, makes my address bar shorter and shorter.

Is there a way to put these all onto a second row, allowing the address bar to stretch across as normal.

The end result would look something like the Google Toolbar and Firefox address bar look together.

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Chrome 5 has a grab-handle on the address bar, so you can adjust the width allocated to the extension icons and force them into a drop-down menu (indicated by a >> symbol).

But no such thing exists on Chrome 4 as far as I know, but you could try the Chromy extension

Ironically, I cannot see a Chrome extension which helps you tidy up the address bar and remove the clutter from all those other extensions.

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Thanks, Chromy will work for now as far as hiding the "button" extension icons! Leaves more room for address bar and status/notification icons. – Brett Allen Feb 19 '10 at 16:02

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