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Could someone tell me where I can find disk images for the Apple IIe emulator called AppleWin I think. I really searched everywhere but to no avail.

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This software is getting harder and harder to find! I have a couple of plastic tubs full of Apple II software on the original disk, and the original Apple II machines to go with them, but I don't have any of it in electronic format.

Maybe try here? ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/

If all else fails, there's AppleSoft BASIC built in! :-) You can type any program at the ] prompt, and then type RUN. Ctrl-C will break execution. Ahh, the good old days before Visual Studio.

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You can find that emulator for windows here:


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The thing is, I allready have the emulator but I couldn't find resources with .dsk image files which I could use in the program. Images with old Apple IIe - compatible applications, os, etc. –  Dilyan Feb 19 '10 at 14:57

There are tons of resources, including disk archives, here: http://stason.org/TULARC/pc/apple2/emulator/index.html.

This one seems to be mostly games: www.virtualapple.org/2listS.html.

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