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YSlow always tells me my content is not served from a CDN no matter what value(s) I put in about:config extensions.yslow.cdnHostnames.

I've tried entering,, basically every variation I could think of and no matter what values I configure it never acknowledges it's hosted on a CDN.

Is this just a giant bug in YSlow or is there some kind of specified format that's not explained anywhere that it wants?

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I have the same problem! – James A. Rosen Mar 24 '10 at 6:02
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Try restarting firefox after you change the setting.

For me, I specified the domain name as "" - no http://. Then, when I ran yslow, it showed:

Using these CDN hostnames from your preferences:

but it was ignoring the setting. Restarting firefox and rerunning yslow seemed to do the trick.

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This definitely explains alot as I would repeatedly change the values and not see any immediate results, I haven't verified this fully but I don't think I'm going to far out on a branch to accept this now. If it doesn't seem to matter I'll post again. – Chris Marisic Jan 12 '11 at 15:22

i've had the same problem, yslow required you to add the hostname only will not work, although will do fine.. at least for me :)

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