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Any one come across this situation. I've got a Lexmark C530dn printer, its color cartridges are empty but I'm only printing in black anyway. In the past it would just complain about the color cartridges when I first turn it on but then it would allow me to print.

Now I'm just getting "88 Replace cyan cartridge". It won't let me dismiss this message and move on and won't print even just using black either.

Does anyone know how I can tell the printer "Listen I don't really care right now just print my black and white stuff for now." ?

Just taking the cartridge out and fiddling around with it and putting it back in doesn't seem to help. Otherwise I need to fork out for a bunch of cartridges just so that I can carry on printing even just with black. Very disappointing design.

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I found this web-pdf online and please take a look (Search for 88) at the little troubleshooting steps.

At the bottom, it says to press the down arrow until the check mark (Continue) appears and then, press the check mark button to clear the message and continue printing.

I hope that this could fix the problem!

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+1 Thanks for the effort, however the instructions are to replace the cartridge first. There is no continue option at the moment, I guess there would if I actually did replace the cartridge. – AnthonyWJones Feb 20 '10 at 19:39

Check out this manual, p29 onwards. I know it's a C52X rather than a C53X but should work all the same.

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