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I have Firefox 3.6
My screen resolution is 1920*1200 (120 DPI), hence the fonts of Firefox address-bar and Firefox Search Engines are too small.
Can we change the fonts of them ?

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  1. Go into %appdata%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[profile-name]\chrome (replace profile-name with whatever it mentions in that particular folder)

  2. Edit the userChrome.css file in WordPad and add this to the bottom:

    /* Make my URL bar and Search bar bigger and bolder. Now dammit. */
    #urlbar, #searchbar .searchbar-textbox{
    font-family: Arial !important; font-size: 16pt }

    Change 16pt and Arial to whatever size and font that you want.

  3. Restart Firefox, voila, URL bar and Search bar font is now bigger.


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No such file in Firefox 23 – Laserson Sep 3 '13 at 7:39

You can customise the Firefox GUI in the userChrome.css file in your Firefox user profile directory. More details here.

You'll need something like the following to change the font size in the location bar: #urlbar { font-size: 30px; }

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I created a Firefox add-on called "Make Address Bar Font Size Bigger" ...No coding needed, just install and enjoy! Makes the URL address bar's font-six bigger, so its easier to read!

You can download it on the Firefox website:

I hope that helps!

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