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Possible Duplicate:
Self-hosted image gallery

I need a recommendation for photo gallery software to run on my server. It needs to be light and fast. Coppermine and gallery are to heavy and slow. I have also tried Qdig and it is nearly perfect, but its very very slow and takes a lot of resources.

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Not really an exact dupe, just a better title needed. He's looking for a lightweight solution, those don't really fit the bill, especially with the one he doesn't want (gallery) being the accepted answer. – John T Feb 21 '10 at 7:27

Zenphoto is one of the better minimalistic web galleries I'm aware of. It is very light on resources and simple to use. Feel free to check out the live demo!

The simplest, most useful web gallery software!

Zenphoto is a gallery CMS that just makes sense and doesn’t try to do everything and your dishes. We hope you agree with our philosophy: simpler is better. Don’t get us wrong though – Zenphoto really does have everything you need for web media gallery management.

alt text

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this would fit on the duplicate, too; maybe repost there. – quack quixote Feb 21 '10 at 20:23

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