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It seems that Google Chrome doesn't keep my "allow all cookies" settings (dev 5.0.322.2) anymore.

Google's sites keep on showing:

Your browser's cookie functionality is turned off. Please turn it on. [?]

but every I perform the prescribed steps, Chrome doesn't keep the configuration!

update: I've deleted ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/Preferences and restarted with a clean state. Now it seems to work.

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The current development channel version has a problem with saving cookie settings and it's a know bug.

From the official Google Chrome Release blog here:

Known Issues Linux: Crash when editing a bookmark in the bookmark manager (Issue: 35438)
All: Chrome doesn't show popup blocker bubble (Issue: 35594)
Mac/Linux: Can't save cookie settings (Issue: 35307)

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For me at least, the problem with the dev version is not saving the cookie settings, it's the actual cookie handling, and only (ironically) with Google's sites - Gmail/Reader/Voice/etc. I didn't have cookie problems on any other sites. I.E. before upgrading to that version, cookies on their sites were working fine. Upgrade (w/o changing any settings) and suddenly google's site (but nobody else's) starts giving the error that I have cookies turned off. (Which is demonstrably false, because if you look at the cookies you can see they are there) – Eric Asberry Feb 21 '10 at 19:24

I had the same problem. I tried deleting all cookies/cache/etc and nothing worked for me. I finally reverted to the beta version and its working fine now.

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