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How can I best detect AND remove rootkits from my Windows XP Pro system

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To Detect

Rootkit revealer

To remove

  1. Backup your data (file based backup, not an image backup)
  2. Obliterate and re-create the partitions and filesystem
  3. re-install your system.
  4. Install Virus Scanner (with up to date defs)
  5. Restore your data

You could spend weeks trying to remove a rootkit, and you could never be 100% certain that it has gone. The only guaranteed way to do it, is wipe and start again.

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+1 for the equivelant of "nuke the site from orbit, it's the only way to be sure" – David Spillett Feb 21 '10 at 16:31

GMER is the more powerfull one, but it's not user friendly

Avira Anti Rootkit & Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool are more user friendly and almost as powerfull

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