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I have a BGN PCI express WiFi card on my Lenovo T400S.
I am running Windows 7.

The reception with the card is simply horrible. I sit on top of my access point and I still cannot get the full signal strength.

I removed Lenovo's connection manager and that improved the card's functionality.

Are there other ways to boost the card's performance?

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It's worth investigating any other Wi-Fi access points that are nearby, using a tool such as inSSIDer. inSSIDer will tell you which channel each access point uses - so changing to a less-crowded channel may help.

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Thanks, but I am using it at home where there are only 2 computers using the mentioned AP. Even when only one is using it the performance is poor. – Shaihi Feb 21 '10 at 20:48
Marking this as the answer since at the end I found out that the antenna on the AP was not screwed properly... I was sure I checked this... – Shaihi Feb 27 '10 at 10:51

There is a Intel WiFi Link 5300 controller in the Lenovo T400s, which is pretty good (i used one of these to replace a Ralink WLAN controller, what an improvement! :).

If the Notebook is still under warranty, have the aerial connectors checked, if not, you might actually to this yourself:

In models with wireless LAN card that has three antenna connectors, plug the gray cable (MAIN) into the jack labeled TR1, the white cable (3rd) into jack labeled RO or TR3, and the black cable (AUX) into jack labeled TR2 on the card.

Source: ThinkPad T400s Hardware Maintenance Manual (PDF)

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OK. You caught me! part of the intention of the question was to see whether others were suffering from the same. I still have my warranty so I will go have it looked at. – Shaihi Feb 21 '10 at 20:53
@Shaihi - It might be just as simple as that, or a faulty controller, but in general the Intel 5300 is an excellent choice. – Molly7244 Feb 21 '10 at 21:31
@Molly - Good to know. I will update this question once I attend to this. Thanks. – Shaihi Feb 22 '10 at 9:05

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