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I have an SVG document in format A6 created in Inkscape. I want to create a PDF output and use CutePDF for this. The output has the correct size (a fourth of an A4), put is put onto an A4. In other words I have an A4 PDF page with the upper left corner filled with the correct content.

I have seen this: how to define custom print sizes

But this is not my problem.

This is what I do: in Inkscape File->Print. I choose CutePDF then Preferences->Advanced->Paper Size to A6.

I tried the same with PDFill PDF Writer, with the same result.

Any idea how to output to an A6 pdf paper size?

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One alternative would be to scale your original A6 svg to A4, print as PDF, and then rescale the A4 pdf file to A6.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I wouldn't know how to go with font sizes though. If I want 12 pt, would I only have to double to 24? See also my own solution (which I cannot set as the correct answer before 8 hours). – Gauthier Feb 23 '10 at 11:57
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After testing with another program (word), I realised the problem was in inkscape, not in the pdf printer.

This was a known and old bug, solved recently in version 0.47 of inkscape:

No problem with the new version, and the page size is automatically filled in!

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