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I have a backup of a computer and I need to get some information from its registry files. I have the files from the registry, but cannot find a tool or anything to let me view this information, just as I would on a machine using regedit.

Any ideas? I do not want restore the computer backup - do I have any options?

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MiTeC's Windows Registry Recovery can read the files and even export them into REGEDIT4 format like a normal registry backup.

MiTeC Windows Registry File Viewer is a viewer for Windows registry hives of all (e.g. NTUSER.DAT, SYSTEM.1ST, SAM, etc. - not .reg files). It displays the file content in a tree view, similar to the standard RegEdit display and includes features like registry searching, dumping and exporting to REGEDIT4 format. The program also allows you to explore the NT/2k/XP security records. In order to view most of the supported files, you need to create a copy of them first, as they cannot be used while they are used by the NT/2000/XP system.

alt text

Windows Registry Recovery is freeware.

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The BartPE software will probably let you do it (see the instructions for the 'Scenario' on that page on how to load a registry.

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Whilst this may theoretically answer the question, it would be preferable to include the essential parts of the answer here, and provide the link for reference. – Canadian Luke Oct 23 '12 at 16:27

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