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I see you can change brightness and contract but is there a way to just change opacity?

As I have an image that I want to make the background.

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If you want use image as page background, then better is use as watermark.


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In Office 2003 there is a setting called Washout.

Right click on the image, pick Format Picture. Under Image Control, Color, set the dropdown to Washout.

Washout link

In Office 2007, it looks like they got rid of washout and added Recolor.

Recolor link

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In Microsoft Office Word 2010, you could set the recolour option to washout after selecting a picture and it will be transparent.

I think this also works in Microsoft Office Word 2007.

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i wound up just changing it in a photo editing program and reimporting it into word

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The washout in 2010 isn't actually transparency/opacity. For instance if you overlay that image on top of something else, you won't see anything through it. It's just a lighter image. It would work fine as a watermark in the background.

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