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Are there alternative to using intellipoint?

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There is a small project called MouseHook which aims to be an IntelliPoint replacement. It is still under development though so it's not quite perfect, but usable in it's current state nonetheless :)

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AutoHotKey for mouse button redefining. I forgot what else the Intellipoint gives me, but its probably nothing of value. :-)

Here is a quick script to redefine some mouse buttons. See the Mouse and Hotkeys documentation for complete details.

;; This is an AutoHotKey script. This line is a comment

;; Forces the unconditional installation of the mouse hook.


;; By default, override key input for all applications.
;; XButton1 and 2 should correspond to the shoulder buttons.
;; XButton1 will input Enter key

XButton1:: SendInput {Enter}

;; XButton2 will input Backspace key

XButton2:: SendInput {Backspace}

;; Also can set per application.
;; For Windows Command console windows (cmd.exe)
;; (they can be referenced programmatically using
;; "ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass"),
;;  XButton1 will input the textual contents of
;;  the current clipboard.

#IfWinActive ahk_class ConsoleWindowClass
  XButton1::SendInput {raw}%Clipboard%

;; The previous line is necessary to reset Hotkey definitions
;; back to all applications.

The above was tested on a Windows XP "Computer Administrator" account. :-p I believe it should work in Windows 7 as well. Also, tested with a device with the "HID-compliant mouse" driver.

(BTW, this should be better than MouseHook because the latter does not seem to be open source or documented. I tried out MouseHook, but configuration is very difficult if you don't know what scan codes you want to use and if you don't know the syntax of the XML file. I was able to duplicate the above settings though, so it seems functional.)

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It depends on what features of Intellipoint you need. I use button mapping and is just great for it! It even works in the UAC'ed process, when Intellipoint does not!

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