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I'm kind of a beginner at Linux , I've installed an Nvidia driver with this command

# yum install akmod-nvidia

every thing went ok , but after reboot the system hangs right after

starting atd............ [ ok ]

and then I get a cursor "_" with nothing else happening!

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I had this exact problem yesterday, with Fed13 running in VMWare. These details aren't important. I was groaning at the thought it had something to do with X drivers or a bad kernel. Ugh! Luckily that wasn't the case.

Turned out to be the lack of a login manager (or whatever it's called these days) - gdm, kdm, or something to bring up a regular login prompt. Somehow during a session of massive upgrades and removal of unneeded packages, I removed gdm.

Solution: Alt-F2 (or other Fn) gave me a normal login, so I logged in as root, ran yum install kdm (or pick your favorite) and after that all was normal.

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There may be a more useful error in one of the other virtual terminals. If you hold down the <Alt> key and press the function keys you can switch between them.

In order to fix this you're probably going to have to boot your system through another method, a common technique is to use a LiveCD (which may have been what you used to install in the first place, if not download one now).

Once you've booted up with the LiveCD there's some more things you can do. Easiest is to check the boot log - you should be able to see your installer partition on the desktop so double click on it and then look for var/log - the files of interest will be messages and perhaps boot, open them in gEdit and have a look for errors.

In order to resolve the error you may need to edit the xorg.conf or you may need to chroot into the installed system and remove the akmod-nvidia package.

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This problem is answered in the RPM Fusion Howto:

I just installed the RPM Fusion package also - it's poor that there wasn't some documentation to mention the conflict with Nouveau when installing.

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