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I am working on Sun Netra T5220, and working on project Session border controller(SBC). In one of the step I had to follow this procedure "copy the binary to a folder and run OPenSBC". Can any body help me which binary file, I need to put on the folder and the way how to find the binary file?

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Solaris should come equipped with the good old find command, one of my favorite tools. You can use it to find a file like so:

find / -type f -name "OPenSBC"

If you are unsure on the case:

find / -type f -iname "opensbc"

If you have a good idea of where the file is, you can use a different loation as your starting point:

find /etc -type f -iname "opensbc"

to provide you with a better answer we'll need more details on this "binary file". We only know as much as you've told us :)

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Note that the -iname option is Gnu specific so not supported by Solaris 10 bundled find. –  jlliagre Feb 26 '10 at 10:41
@jilliagre I completely forgot. Thanks! You can obtain GNU find for solaris here if you wish: sunfreeware.com –  John T Feb 26 '10 at 22:26

"and run OPenSBC" ? see if there's a file called "OPenSBC" and then go to the directory where its stored and do ./OpenSBC. Otherwise if still not sure, you can use file command. file <filename> and see the output for words like executable etc.

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