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A coleague of mine's having trouble with his new Toshiba Satellite L300 ... I tool a kook at it, and indeed it's hot as hell. I couldn't hold my hand on it for too long. He says it also has a tendency to turn itself off (WinXP 32bit running) with no forewarning. Hasn't happened to me while I was using it, but that wasn't long anyways.

The first guess was it was too dirty ... problem is it's new, came out of a package a quarter of a year ago. Kept in a clean environment (office). Looks clean. No dust in sight.
Second guess is that the fan wasn't working properly, cause indeed it has intervals of working, and non working. But when I listen to it, it sounds like normal usage.

I took a SpeedFan measurement, and it reports temp. up to 85 Celsius ... which is definitely too high.

Anyone knows what else I could do to it ?

It is under warranty and it will go to the service, but I thought if there is something we can do, as to avoid carrying it there / be without it for a week ...

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Missing thermal paste fits the symptoms, but seeing as it's a laptop I would get it fixed under warranty.

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that will most probably be the solution. but since we can't get it there before the end of the week, and it always takes them some time, i just thought i'd try fishing for a few novel ideas first :-) – Rook Feb 23 '10 at 22:29
i wouldn't think thermal paste would be in that bad shape on a new laptop. or is it something that happens regularly ? – Rook Feb 23 '10 at 22:30
@Idigas I'm not sure - my guess is that the thermal paste was forgotten about entirely. And a little dust build-up after a few months of use probably pushed it over the edge. – sblair Feb 23 '10 at 22:51

You should definitely take it to be serviced as you really don't want to mess around with something like that. Other than checking the BIOS and getting a Chillmat it sounds like you have been fairly diligent in researching the problem.

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