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I keep getting mail which I try to filter as junk. Problem is, it is sent from my e-mail address while writing that the name of the sender is "Viagra yada yada yada ("

I can't add a rule to Outlook according to sender's name, right?

Is there any other way I can filter these spam e-mails (I can't add a rule to junk mail my own e-mail address)?

The subject of the e-mails keeps changing in the following formats:

  • "Faruz 76% discount now!"
  • "Faruz 80% discount now!"
  • "Now! 78% discount Faruz"

(They seem to have infinite ideas of saying the same thing.)

So I also seem to have problems filtering according to subject.


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As you have mentioned, "Faruz" and "discount" appears in the subject of each spam email, you can filter them by keywords.

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Sometimes they say instead of discount: "Free" or "off" or many other wonderous alternatives... couldn't find a decent pattern there – Faruz Feb 24 '10 at 6:10

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