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What is the most secure way to package (to ship) some old PCI cards to prevent damage (without original packaging)?

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Use something that is

  • waterproof
  • anti-static
  • shock-resistant

and seal it in a way that can guarantee the package has not been opened and/or tampered with during shipment.

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These are reasonably durable. I'd definitely pack them in some anti-static wrapping (the silvery mylar or pink bubble-wrap), surrounded by some additional bubble-wrap. Then a box with some decent packing (peanuts perhaps, but nothing that would create dust) and you should be good.

The main thing (besides the anti-static) is making sure they're packed loosely (but not too loosely - not floating around, just lightly packed) and aligned - you don't want them stabbing each other should the box get dropped or smooshed a bit...

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