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I have a machine running Vista 64bit and disk with three partitions fully encrypted with TrueCrypt.
I want to install Windows 7 as my second OS, but i'm not sure if this would work because of disk encryption.

Any experiences running dual boot systems and TrueCrypt?

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It is possible, I've had Windows XP and Ubuntu with TrueCrypt on my home PC. Never had any experience with Vista or Windows 7, but this fellow did it, so it's possible.

You will have to decrypt both the system partition and partition where you are going to install Windows 7. Go to "System > Permanently decrypt system partition / drive" menu and then follow the instructions in the wizard. If I remember it right, there wasn't any way to decrypt non-system partition, so you can just format it. After that, install Windows 7 and encrypt both system partitions again.

It's a bit cumbersome, but there is no other way :]

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I'm now convinced that this is possible, but way too complicated and time consuming. Virtualization, here i come :) – ljubomir Jul 29 '09 at 12:42
Seems silly not to have thought of this in the first place, but this is the appropriate solution for loading in another OS in a TrueCrypt environment. As cumbersome as it may be, it is a one-time process for achieving this level of OS encryption with the flexibility of dual boot options. I can't imagine people would be changing around their installations for it to not be worth considering. Permanently decrypt, OS and multiboot configuration, partition re-encrypt. Done. – Matt Borja Sep 20 '12 at 20:50

Although I am no expert in this area, I would have to say this cannot be done.

Seeing it is only software-based encryption, when you install Windows 7 on the partition, the encryption would be removed (or you would not be able to install without repartitioning).

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