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I record numerous sound files (record notes) on my sony ericsson cell phone.

I would like to play these files continuously one after another on my computer but they are .amr audio files which windows media player and winamp don't seem to play.

  • I've found a number of .amr-to-.mp3 converters but none are free
  • I've found free online converters but they don't play multiple files

Does anyone know of any free .amr-to-.mp3 converters?

Or does anyone use any .amr audio players where I can select e.g. 30 files and have them play one after another?

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The latest version of AMR Player is 1.3 (some small bugs fixed), it is one %100 free software, no adware or no spyware

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+1 - It also converts AMR files to MP3. – Isxek Feb 24 '10 at 21:26
unfortunately it doesn't seem to play/convert more than one file at a time, I am looking for something where I can select e.g. 40 .amr files and have them play one after another – Edward Tanguay Feb 25 '10 at 2:51

Probably too late already, but anyhow..

VLC media player seems to be able to play amr files. You can make a playlist of the amr files you want to play and off you go.

(VLC media player also has some converting options, although I didn't find the correct combination of settings yet to convert amr to mp3 files)


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Personally for me, the easiest way is to the use Use Real Player converter. Once you download real player, it comes as an option when you are installing the program.

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