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I have a laptop + second screen setup up work with the second screen situated above the laptop screen.

I also have Screen Hunter installed from which I take screenshots with for bug reports / examples, etc etc.

The problem is that screen hunter will only include the laptop (primary) screen and ignores the top one.

Is there a work around or fix anyone knows for this?

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Upgrade to Screen Hunter Pro?

Even more capture options, multi-monitor, adjustable area, user defined area, multi-object and text

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Thanks, unfortunately getting that approve has as much chance of happening in the next 5 years as <insert nearly impossible event here> :) –  Dan McGrath Feb 25 '10 at 5:29
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How about this? http://www.fiastarta.com/PrtScr/

Looks like it's free.

Or this one... http://picpick.wiziple.net/features

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Faststone Capture (version 6.5 is shareware) claims multiple monitor support.

Version 5.3 is free, but I can't find a claim to multiple monitor support.

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