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I have a java app that is running in my browser. At a specific point the app will crash. I would like to find the exception that is being thrown (if possible) so I can show it to the support of the company that makes the app.

Is there a standard place for this? Or a way that capture it? (So I can prove that it is happening.)

I am using Firefox, but could use IE if needed.

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In Firefox, go to the Tool menu. It should have a Java Console item if you have installed the extension Java Console

If you use the Web Developer extension, CTRL+SHIFT+O will also open the Java Console.

On Windows, when Java is running, there is also a Java icon in the System Tray, near the clock. Right-click on it, and you should find an entry "Open the console" (with the version of the JRE).

alt text

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I tried to install this and after the installation and restart of Firefox a popup said that Java Console was no longer supported and would be removed on the next install. I tried running it anyway and it would not start. – Vaccano Feb 25 '10 at 5:39

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