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Possible Duplicate:
Configuring Wi-Fi in WIndows XP from Command line?

Is there any command line tool to connect to a wireless network on windows. I know netsh is not supported in win XP. Is there any open source command line tool ?

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Not that I have know of. Plenty of people have asked this question on the internet and I have not seen one with a working answer yet.

However, a potential solution could be along the lines of:

Windows XP does have an "Preferred" wireless connection setting which can cause it to autoconnect to a wireless network when it starts up.

If you can find the registry keys responsible for this you could create a *.reg file and have a batch program 'run' the *.reg file then do an ipconfig /release and then an ipconfig /renew to make it connect.

Note: I haven't tested this.

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Copy of the question:

I'll copy my answer here for those who land here:

I think this guys have your answer:

Executable Options:

-Enable Enable the wireless interfaces specified by limit. If no limit specified, enable all wireless interfaces. This option effectively checks the “Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings” checkbox under the Wireless Network Connection Properties.

-Add Path(s) to an XML file containing the information about the Wireless Access point that you wish to setup.

-Delete Access Point name(s) that you wish to remove from the profile list.

-Nics List wireless interfaces by their description and GUID.

-Aps List access points by AP name.

-Limit GUID of the interface(s) to limit the additions, deletions, and access point listings to. The default is to use all interfaces.

Sample Usage:

Delete access point from all interfaces: wifi_config.exe -delete SAMPLE-AP

Delete multiple access points from a specific interface: wifi_config.exe -delete SAMPLE-AP1 SAMPLE-AP2 -limit {GUID}

Add multiple profiles: wifi_config.exe -add “C:\profile1.xml” “C:\profile2.xml”

List access points: wifi_config.exe -aps

If not this one, I think this one is best:

The DevCon utility is a command-line utility that acts as an alternative to Device >Manager. Using DevCon, you can enable, disable, restart, update, remove, and query >individual devices or groups of devices. DevCon also provides information that is >relevant to the driver developer and is not available in Device Manager.

You can use DevCon with Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. >You cannot use DevCon with Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows Millennium Edition.

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