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I tried Ghostscript and GSView but it doesn't work for me.

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Can you elaborate what kind of problems you found with Ghostscript and GSView, or what they were lacking that you needed? – heavyd Feb 25 '10 at 6:25
You didn't install a 32-bit gsview with a 64-bit ghostscript, did you? (or vice versa) Also, did you try the 4.91 beta available from the developer's page? ( It has Windows 7 specific fixes. – afrazier Sep 14 '11 at 0:16
Duplicate of A better PostScript reader than GhostView. – hippietrail May 29 '13 at 7:43

IrfranView can display PostScript files on a Windows 7 system, but like many free image viewers it too uses GhostScript.

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