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On Leopard, I use I have filters set up. They work. Except for this new one I made. It works when I choose Apply Filters manually. But does not seem to filter incoming messages.

It is my only filter that operates on something in the IMAP Gmail Spam folder. I think that mail just sees this as any other IMAP folder, so I don't know why it won't work. But do you think that Mail.App does realize that this IMAP/spam folder is actually a spam/junk folder and for some reason because of this it prevents my filter from being run?

As I said all my other filters work fine.

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I think the spam detection of gmail is a filter applied before others...

How to deal with it:

  • To filter mails flagged as spam: add label:spam in the "Has the words" input box.
  • To avoid the spam flagging, create a filter that describes the cases when Gmail should not flag the incoming messages as spam and then check "Never send it to spam".


alt text

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thanks, I have multiple gmail account so would prefer to filter once they are in But if that is not possible I will do it your way and the same filters to all my gmail accounts. Basically I like to check my spam folder before deleting messages, but right now i am getting so many "ED Meds" and "ED Pills" messsages that they even flood my spam folder... so I wanted to make filters to clear those out... and leave the rest of my spam for manual checking before deleting – Mikey Feb 25 '10 at 10:46
you could export/import your filters in the gmail webapp... – fluxtendu Feb 25 '10 at 11:06

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