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Linux kernel 2.6 installation on blank computer

I'm new to Linux. I have just downloaded the linux kernel 2.6.33 form http://www.kernel.org I want to use that on my computer which doesn't install any operation system. How do i?

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Usually you really don't want to install the kernel manually, but instead want to install a Linux distribution (which includes the kernel and tons of other necessary and useful stuff).

A special kind of "distribution" is Linux from Scratch which is probably the closes you get to "installing the kernel". It's basically an instruction on how to manually install a complete Linux system from scratch. My suggestion is to only do that, if you really want to learn how it works underneath or if you have a very, very specific need for it.

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you'd better start by getting a linux distro. the kernel alone won't do much good for you.

try ubuntu: http://www.ubuntu.com/

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If you really want - read Linux from scratch book. But, it isn't very simple.

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You can't. Get yourself an actual distro. A kernel on its own is useless without the appropriate support programs and data, and of course some way to interact with the outside world and something to do.

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