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How to find which windows(XP/VISTA/7) is installed in a dual(windows+linux) boot system through linux?

boot.ini is only present in XP. Vista and Windows 7 contain a file name winload.exe in boot partition.

how to exactly find the correct version?

second, is it mandatory to install the windows(XP/VISTA/7) in a promary partition or boot partition?

I am new to these things. can anyone guide me or mention any article/book/links etc.


any idea?

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There are several static signs (i.e., not calling the ver command to get the OS version), that can clue you into which OS you have installed:

  1. If there's a C:\Users folder than you're looking at a Windows Vista/7/2008
  2. Presence of a "Program Files (x86)" folder means it's a 64bit OS
  3. Presence of "C:\ProgramData" means it's 7/2008 (as opposed to "C:\Documents and Settings" in Vista).

As for your second question, yes, you need to install an OS on a boot partition - if you plan to boot it.

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i know winXP is limited to booting from primary partitions, but i thought win-7 (and maybe vista too) can boot from a logical partition. – quack quixote Feb 25 '10 at 18:32
Any idea how to do it for versions 7 and newer? – Andrew Wagner May 19 '15 at 17:45

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