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Right now, when creating a file of some format (e.g. PHP files) in Windows Explorer, I always have to use "Create new text file" to create a file and then rename it (often via console, because extensions are hidden - I know I could disable that feature).

Is there a way to simply add an option to create a new file of any type that simply lets me type in the extension?

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Sometimes i open cmd in this folder and type something like

copy nul filname.ext

this hint create empty file with extension that you need.

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Here's a tutorial you may find interesting:

Add items in New option of context menu in Windows Explorer or on desktop.

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I just went for showing file extensions again.

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If you load up a blank document in notepad, fill in some content, and hit save.. in the save dialog change the file type to "All Files", then give the file a name (including the extension, like "my file.php").

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Yes, I know, but that is exactly what I do not wanna do. –  Franz Feb 27 '10 at 11:22

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