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The install for SQLSRVREXP 2005, for Vista x 64 its SQLEXPR_ADV.EXE downloaded from

The first part of the installation is an analysis of the computer's configuration.

There was one warning. Opening the details shows:

  • ASP.Net Version Registration Requirement (Warning) Messages
    • ASP.Net Version Registration Requirement
    • Failed to find the ASP.Net Version Registration with Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

What does the "ASP.Net Version Registration with Microsoft IIS" mean and how would I fix this?

Update: Since IIS is referenced in the report, I checked the status of IIS on my system and it's up and running. I also checked ASP.NET, likewise that's running as a service.

My guess is that it's some component of the IIS that it's looking for. In my XP/PRO machine I installed SQL Server Express 2005 without any warnings. It's running IIS 6.0 with ASP.NET services. I'm not sure if that advances the issue or not, but I thought I would include it for comparison.

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I would guess it's because you're installing the advanced services version which includes SQL Server Reporting Services. As a web server based application it's checking that you've got IIS and ASP.NET installed. If you're not going to install the SSRS option then I would say you can safely ignore it otherwise you're not going to be able to run SSRS without IIS and ASP.NET installed.

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