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I installed Ubuntu sometime back along side Vista, but later found that I rarely (if ever) use Ubuntu. How easy is it to return my computer to its initial state of having only one OS, and freeing up the hard-drive space used by the Ubuntu install?


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There are two factors here:

  • first, repair the MBR so that you can boot to Windows (it may be dangerous to start deleting partitions if you aren't sure that your boot-loader doesn't use them). This knowledge-base article covers some scenarios, but make sure you understand it before hacking around...
  • second, use disk management in Windows to identify and remove the offending partitions

Be cautious. Most of these operations can (if done incorrectly) leave your system unbootable, and/or cause data loss. Perhaps backup any critical data first.

@Marc: I would change 'Perhaps' to definitely. –  Lucas McCoy Jul 22 '09 at 19:10

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