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There is one or two websites where which support both http and https where i want to use https, but where links, redirects, js redirects ... keep sending me to http-locations.

Do any of you know of a firefox plugin which changes links with http for a certain domain to the corresponding link with https ?

For example: I click -> it takes me to

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Use Redirector:

This can be useful for instance to skip confirmation pages after posting messages on message boards, skipping ad pages that appear before you can view content on certain sites, redirecting from http to https on sites where you always want the https version, redirecting from one hostname to another for proxy servers, or just anywhere where it takes you two or more clicks to get to what you want.

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works lovely thank you – Hendrik Feb 26 '10 at 14:24

NoScript can do this:

Q: Can NoScript force some sites to always use HTTPS?

A: Yes, just open NoScript Options|Advanced|HTTPS|Behavior, entering the sites you want to force in the topmost box, and those you want to always leave alone in the bottom one.

You can use space-separated simple strings, which will be matched as "starts with...", glob patterns like * and full-fledged regular expressions. If, for instance, you want HTTPS to be forced on every Google application excluding Search and iGoogle, you can put


in the "Force" box and

in the "Never" box (the latter can be of course rewritten as a


regular expression).

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