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I have .php files on my www directory but the default application used for opening them is notepad. How do I change it to dreamweaver?

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Right click on any PHP file and select Open with... (if it's not displayed in the right click menu try pressing Shift and then right click) and select Choose Default Program.

Browse to Program Files and open the Dreamweaver installation folder and select Dreamweaver.exe

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it wont work. I even right click and selected default program, but its not affected, when I try to open the folder where the file is located. It is still notepad – Ieyasu Sawada Feb 26 '10 at 22:01
windows 7 is dumb. it shows the file as text file but when you double click it will open with dreamweaver. – Ieyasu Sawada Feb 27 '10 at 1:43

Right click over a .php file.

Select "Open With" then "Choose Default Program..."

Browse to Program Files to find Dreamweaver.

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