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I set up MediaTomb on my ubuntu 9.10 computer and it streams to our ps3 perfectly. Now I am wondering what the easiest way to stream it to other desktops/laptops over our home network?

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MediaTomb is a UPnP AV MeidaServer. Any player that supports the UPnP standard and the video types that you are serving should be able to play them over your home network. Wikipedia has a list of UPnP AV clients(AKA control points). A few include:

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The first thing I thought of to use was Windows Media Player 11 on a windows 7 laptop and that connects ok but does not find any media on the device even though I have some movies that will stream correctly on the ps3. Any tips on how to get windows to find the media? – MESLewis Feb 26 '10 at 20:14

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