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I have about 8 submodules in my project (/modules/..) and some of them are not fully checking out. In other words, when I run

git submodule init
git submodule update

Some of the submodule directories do not contain the all the files. My first thought was that I might be on a diffenet commit or something. But when I check the latest project commit - and then check the current commit of the submodule they are the same.

git submodule status

How do I get git to pull ALL the submodule files when it loads the submodules? Or rather, how is it possible that I'm only receiving some of the files when I create the submodule folder?

My project structure looks like this:

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I still don't know what the deal is. But I deleted the submodule folders and ran

git submodule update

to re-checkout a copy of the submodules and fix the missing files.

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