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Cannot Align Semi-Transparent Items?

Windows Vista, Photoshop CS2.

Steps to repeat:

  1. Create new document
  2. Fill a circle on a new layer
  3. Drop opacity of filled circle to 10%
  4. Create new empty layer below circle layer
  5. Merge empty layer with filled circle layer
  6. Select entire canvas
  7. Attempt to align layers to selection
    layer > align layers to selection > vertical centers

I get the following error:

Could not complete the Vertical Centers command because there are no layers to be moved.

Clearly this is not true, as I'm selecting the layer with the semi-translucent ball on it. Now, if you had tried this same command prior to step 5 (when the layer was at 10% opacity) it would have worked.

Is there some way around this problem? I need to move layers around that begin as transparent items, with a layer opacity at 100% where 100% of the layers opacity results in showing objects that are themselves not-very opaque.

I've confirmed on another machine that this problem doesn't exist in CS3. I may exist in earlier copies of Photoshop, but I only have access to CS2 (has the problem) and CS3 (does not have the problem).

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Can you align the layers prior to merging them? (By selecting the applicable layers together, but merging them after the align.) I know that's probably an obvious one. :(

(I just confirmed that this error occurs on my computer using Adobe Photoshop CS2.)

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i had a somewhat similar problem with cs4 in that messing with transparencies caused unexpected/illogical behavior; now, i havent used cs2 but try this: instead of making the layer with the object transparent, apply a layer effect of transparency; then try to move it around or whatever is needed; if that doesnt work, save the item as a transparency before attempting to align; again, i am not sure these features exist in cs2, but this just sounded like a similar problem i had;

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