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My Firefox upgraded itself automatically to version 3.6, and I found that IE tab is broken there. Apparently IE tab is known to be broken in this version.

Are there any known workarounds such as these?

  • a different plugin with the same functionality

  • a way to tell FF to behave in some legacy or compatibility mode for certain plugins

  • a new version of IE tab

In the meanwhile I'm glad that Chrome's current release supports plugins, and IE tab works there.

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Corel IE Tab is:

An enhanced version of IE Tab which enables you to use the embedded IE engine within tabs of Mozilla Firefox. It supports Adblock Plus in IE, and can sync cookies between IE and Firefox.

It adds nice features compared to the standard "IE Tab" and works great with Firefox 3.6.
Don't forget to uninstall IE Tab before installing Corel IE Tab.

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I've seen some pretty bad reviews of this addon. Have you used it? – Nathan Fellman Feb 27 '10 at 21:25
Yes, for the same reasons as you. No problem for me. Use the latest version from , it changes quickly and the addon page at Mozilla is not updated often with the newer releases. – Snark Feb 27 '10 at 21:28

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