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I've done this a few times already, but for some reason this time it's not working.

I have a folder called ruby (root:root - 0777) on /home/placona

I'm trying to see this folder from my WindowsXP box, but keep getting permission denied. I can see the global share though, but whenever I try clicking on the ruby share, it won't let me in.

Here's my smb.conf settings:

        log file = /var/log/samba/samba.%m
        guest account = nobody
        netbios name = DEVBOX
        server string = DEVBOX CENTOS
        workgroup = WORKGROUP
        encrypt passwords = yes
        security = share
        max log size = 50

        path = /home/placona/ruby

I want to be able to open this folder without using password (hence the guest account = nobody).

I tried even with password, but never seems to work.

Can anyone spot anything wrong with my settings?

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Samba shares need both users and settings. I'm sure you already have CentOS users, but do you also have Samba users setup?

smbpasswd -a joe

you can also add the following line to your share definitions

valid users = joe randi insert-samba-user-here

Oh and make sure you reload samba via

service smb restart

(Note, most code taken from: )

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Try adding:

read only = no

to your [ruby] section.

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Add these to your existing settings:

    map to guest = Bad User

    guest ok = yes
    read only = no

You've already got the guest account setting to tell Samba which account to use as the guest user; map to guest = Bad User tells Samba to automatically convert an unrecognized username to the Guest user.

You may also want to put these in your [ruby] section (tweak the permissions as needed):

directory mask = 0777
create mask = 0666
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Change the file owner to nobody then all groups can access the files.

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