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How can I create a link that stars the Photo Gallery screensaver AND uses the images from the path "C:\Users\John\Desktop\stuff".

I can create a link to start the screensaver, but its showing images from the wrong directory. How can I pass the photos path to the screensaver?

This is the link target...
%SystemRoot%\system32\photoscreensaver.scr /s

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The screensaver most probably takes its settings from the Registry, not from a command-line parameter.

It's showing pictures from the directory defined in its Settings.

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Snark, thanks! you're right, these config values are stored in the registry. – John2496 Feb 27 '10 at 22:13

I found a thread topic regarding this matter...

Here is a solution posted in the thread...

Found the Fix!!!

  1. Searched procmon.log to confirm if the FolderPath key (which determines the location of the pictures) was being read. The log showed that the key that was being searched was:

"HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-19\Software\Microsoft\Windows Photo Gallery\Slideshow\Screensaver"

instead of:

"HKEY_USERS.Default\Software\Microsoft\Windows Photo Gallery\Slideshow\Screensaver"

  1. Added the "Windows Photo Gallery" registry keys to the Local Service account (S-1-5-19) and the screensaver started to work"

However, a simpler way to change the settings (that doesn't involve editing the registry)...

  1. Right click on the Photos Screensaver link.

  2. Click 'configure'.

  3. A settings dialog will open, with options to set the photos path and play speed.

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