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I have the ABBYY Lingvo 12 translater. It make translate word by push middle button of mouse and it's working perfect! But when I try to translate word by it way in Opera browser I have scrolling instead translate. How can to solve it?

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Perhaps,it may not work as you stated .. in browser, if you set your cursor upon a link, and then click middle button, it's "Open New Tab" function.

I kindly want to advise to choose Babylon Dictionary and translator


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From the "Main functionality of the program" section at the support pages: The pop-up translation function works in Microsoft Office applications and in Internet Explorer.

Question: Why doesn’t the pop-up translation function work?

Answer: To use the pop-up translation function, make sure ABBYY Lingvo 12 is running at the moment you want to use the function. Go to Tools -> Options -> Translation -> Look-up from other applications, and make sure the option "Show pop-up translation" is selected. The pop-up translation function works in Microsoft Office applications and in Internet Explorer. If you experience problems, try restarting ABBYY Lingvo 12. Select "Translate", then click "Exit". Pop-up translation doesn’t work in PDF files, so use hotkey translation instead.

But there's hope:

To use the hotkey translation function, select the corresponding option in Tools -> Options -> Translation -> Open a full entry.

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I need exactly the "open a full entry" function and hotkey translation is working for it, but mouse middle button much faster and more convenient – amouniverso Feb 28 '10 at 12:44

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