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I have 100+ files in a directory named *.php5.

I would like to rename them all to *.php.

Is there a way to do this in Windows 7?

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In the regular command prompt:

ren *.php5 *.php
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In powershell:

 dir *.php5 | ForEach-Object { move $_ $_.Name.TrimEnd('5') }
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Ant Renamer is a fantastic renaming app. It's got a gui and can be run from the command-line. Plus it makes renaming images and mp3s a breeze.

And while you could just use ren as Stephen Jennings suggests. You could also bust out some old-school FOR loop fun--again in the regular command prompt.

FOR /f %i IN ('dir /b *.php5') DO rename %i %~ni.php
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