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I want a program which gives all information relating to a currently running process. In Windows, there is procman .

What's the alternative in LINUX?

Do I have to use tools like strace, etc. separately, or is there one program that does it all?

Do share if you know of a nice software.

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Most tools that people will point you to will be just front ends to access all the information in /proc. If you want to know all the nitty-gritty about a process, check the files /proc/<PID>

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GNOME System Monitor for system monitoring of a Linux Desktop (I run ubuntu 9.10)

It's simple and gives detailed info.

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I'm pretty sure you know about them but top / iotop are pretty much the standard commands for process monitoring. Strace and Ltrace are also nice, but for more specific tasks.

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The most common and basic tool is "top". Open a terminal, run "top". Play with the options, see the inline help ( "h" key"). Benefit : works on any Linux/Unix/BSD box.

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I think you want the process monitor for Linux, right ?

you can easily detect via terminal

but if you do not prefer cmds , you can even use a ManageEngine® Applications Manager 


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