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I have an HP server (Windows Server 2003) with 2 external NICs (couldn't get the builtin NIC to work).

One is for an internal network of 4 PCs and the other is for part of an Internet-facing network. Many times a day, we have to disable the internal NIC in order to get the other NIC to see the network.

I know this is happening on a server, but the issue is more related to the conflicts on the NICs. Any suggestions from the community on where to look for a solution?

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Realised that Windows did not like to play with 2 NICs. Workaround was to create a persistent static routes for the internal network with a "route -p add ...."

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Hmmm. I have multi-homed several Windows servers over the years and never had to do that. Windows works just fine with multiple NICs. Just remember that only the Internet facing one should have a gateway applied in this configuration. – Brian Knoblauch Mar 9 '10 at 18:56
You may well have a point about the Internet facing one having a gateway applied. Point noted. We also have 4 other Window servers multi-homed which did not have a problem, but the difference being that these four units connect to a Layer3 switch, whereas this particular unit only connects to a HP ProCurve switch. – funbi_grace Apr 8 '10 at 1:22

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