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I've recently installed Windows 7 64bit onto my Toshiba U400 laptop. I went over to the Toshiba support-download-drivers page and downloaded every driver that was missing.

I chose not to download bloated stuff, only the drivers. Win7 has much better control over hardware buttons out of the box then I had before.

But there is one thing that annoys me. I have hardware button on the laptop that is supposed to switch LEDs on/off. Windows 7 turns my sound on/off instead.

The second minor thing is, when I turn off sound by pressing Fn+Esc (or light off button;-), the sound is off, however any slight touch with volume wheel turns it right back on! This is something that Ubuntu does also out of the box. I wonder what's the logic behind this.

Any lightweight solutions to these out there?

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Well it seems' that Toshiba's value added package is the only solution.

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