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I have a puzzling issue regarding accessing from my home Qwest DSL connection. By default, I frequently get timeouts when accessing from Firefox, Safari, or Chrome on my Mac. I also cannot access the site from Internet Explorer in a Windows VM. However, I am able to access the site through, so I know the site is not down. Furthermore, I haven't noticed problems accessing other sites (in particular, works fine). Also, I can access when I'm connected to networks other than my home Qwest DSL connection. Together, the above make me suspect a problem with either my router (Airport Express) or, more likely, my ISP.

Anyone have any thoughts on how I can narrow down the problem further? I could call my ISP and tell them the above, but my feeling is that probably won't get me very far. I can get by browsing through a proxy, but it would be nice to figure out what's going on here and fix the problem. Oh, the only relevant discussion I found via Google was here:

Update: Thanks to those who have tried to help! I found one other thing while Googling that may be vaguely relevant:

Disabling the Accept-Encoding headers in Firefox actually didn't make a difference for me. I just thought the above might spark some other ideas about how mishandling of HTTP headers somewhere might be causing this problem. Thanks again!

Another update: In case anyone is still thinking about this; I've found that I can't surf using the links text-based browser, but I can reliably download individual files with wget. Maybe that helps?

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You're not alone. I have exactly the same issue. Like you, I can 'solve' it by using my university's VPN. – MJeffryes Mar 1 '10 at 0:00
I updated my answer, and I'm having the same issues with a different provider today as well. I guess maybe @Ziggamorph is not using Qwest either? The problem is at Microsoft. – Arjan Mar 2 '10 at 7:00
I have this problem too. I'm on TalkTalk. – Ollie Saunders Mar 5 '10 at 20:45

What IP address does the following give you?


I get:


This is the same when using other DNS servers, like OpenDNS:

dig @

Update: as you get the same IP address, next step would be to compare the actually routing results to those of someone physically close to your place. I thought I was not having any issues using my own provider from The Netherlands, but today I cannot access that domain either. So, I guess this is a bad configuration (close) at Microsoft then; you can refer them to this post when complaining there.

traceroute -q 1

traceroute to ( [..]

 1  speedtouch (  29.850 ms
 2 (  16.181 ms
 3 (  15.721 ms
 4 (  15.172 ms
 5 (  15.599 ms
 6 (  103.566 ms
 7 (  102.136 ms
 8 (  101.973 ms
 9 (  101.625 ms
10 (  103.419 ms
11 (  124.905 ms
12 (  124.442 ms
13 (  184.476 ms
14 (  185.815 ms
15 (  184.357 ms
16 (  184.053 ms
17 (  184.450 ms
18 (  185.064 ms
19 (  187.394 ms
20 (  185.490 ms
21  *
22  *
23  *
24  *

The failing IP addresses in step 19 and 20 are Microsoft's:


OrgName:    Microsoft Corp
OrgID:      MSFT
Address:    One Microsoft Way
City:       Redmond
NetRange: -

When testing from another location then the route might be different, and then might not be using those two specific Microsoft servers (hence, taking a route through might work, when other more direct routes fail). You can test from many other locations using the list at

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Thanks for taking a look! Here's what I get: [...] ;; ANSWER SECTION: 844 IN A Looks similar to what you got; at least the IP is the same. – Manu Sridharan Mar 2 '10 at 0:30
Hi again! Unfortunately, I'm not sure that the above shows it's a problem at Microsoft. I ran traceroutes from 3 different places using and my own computer, and they all stop working after My guess is that MSFT has disallowed others from using traceroute to map their internal network. I found one other vaguely relevant thing while Googling that might spark some ideas; I'll post above. – Manu Sridharan Mar 2 '10 at 14:03
I'm no network expert, but why would one disallow troubleshooting tools like traceroute...? – Arjan Mar 2 '10 at 19:19
This seems to explain it: – Manu Sridharan Mar 3 '10 at 0:06
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Never quite figured this one out, but now works for me from home. Maybe they fixed something on their end. Others may want to try again too.

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