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I have a local printer on Desktop A and I want to use it on LapTop B. I have made a homegroup and can copy files between the two computers. On Desktop A I have the 'Printers' checked, in order to share the printer. The printer works great on Desktop A. I wish to print to it from Laptop B

Elsewhere on the internet and on this superuser question I see instructions to click Homegroups in the Control Panel, and then click "install printer". However, in the homegroups dialog (titled "Change Homegroup Setting", I don't see an "install printer" button anywhere. how do I make is show up?

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check this forum.

From this it looks like other users are having the same issue. Perhaps turning off a third party firewall will make a difference.

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Actually, I can join the homegroup with no problem. It's just that the "install printer" button is not there for me. – Patrick Karcher Mar 1 '10 at 2:15

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