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I want to set my editor's font as Monaco-11, but it has no anti-aliasing effect. And when I set it to Monaco-12, anti-aliasing effect works. How can I make it also work for Monaco-11? I'm using Ubuntu 9.10

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I suspect that anti-aliasing is deliberately disabled for small font sizes. This is often done because at small sizes anti-aliasing makes fonts unreadably blurry.

You can probably configure this behaviour. I believe on Ubuntu this is controlled via Fontconfig. Fontconfig has configuration files in the standard places (/etc/fonts, and ~/.fonts.conf). See the user manual for details.

You probably want to add edit commands to enable anti-aliasing. See e.g. this blog entry. You may have to experiment a bit...


Also see this related question.

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Use older monaco font instead of the latest one solved this issue for me.

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me too, thanks. – Chris May 9 '13 at 15:25

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