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Are the Siig mechanical keyboards solid and responsive? Are they well-suited for programming?

Here is the model I'm considering: JK-US0112-S1

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They're absolutely great, my brother has one. I'm very tempted to get him to buy me one and post it over.
I haven't done any heavy duty coding on it, just some HTML but it really feels fantastic compared to the cheapo Dell Keyboards in the office.
FYI: You can get it $20 cheaper at Amazon though.

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In my opinion, the best keyboards available have mechanical key switches. They are known as mechanical keyboards, or mechanical key switch keyboards.

What makes them so desirable is that mechanical keyboards tend to be constructed of higher quality materials, they last longer and are more reliable, and most importantly, once properly acclimated to one, a mechanical key switch keyboard will make you a better typist--you may even be able to get work done faster, with less fatigue.

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