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I just noticed this relatively small but annoying quirk about Windows 7 that wasn't present in Windows XP. In XP, whenever I was in the generic "Open File" dialog that almost every application shares, I was able to type .. in the "File name" box, press enter to go up a level, and then just continue hitting Enter to continue moving up levels, because each time the .. I typed would remain there in the box.

Windows XP Open File Dialog

But now that I'm using Windows 7, I quickly realized that after I type .. and press Enter, it clears whatever I typed, thereby requiring me to re-type the .. each time rather than being able to press Enter repeatedly to navigate further upward. Is there any way to configure Windows 7 to behave more like XP in this regard? It's just kind of annoying.

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A shortcut for up folder is alt + up arrow.

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That's not directly answering the question, but it does effectively the same thing so I'm marking it as the answer. Thanks! – SoaperGEM Mar 2 '10 at 2:08

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